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Wheel of the Year: Mabon/Autumn Equinox

Wheel of the Year: Mabon

Aaaahhhhh……Autumn, my favorite time of year. The days are beginning to grow shorter; the weather is crisp and cool, reminding us of the coming winter. But before the frost sets in, we have time to enjoy the splendor of Nature with her red and golden leaves, bright orange pumpkins and many reasons to celebrate the mid-harvest season.

To some, the Autumn Equinox is a time to come together and celebrate the turning of the wheel. Commonly referred to as Mabon, Pagans and Wiccans and like-minded folk perform group or solitary rituals, or choose to make smaller observations of the day.

This year, Mabon falls on September 22 - September 23 and happens to occur during the Dark Moon phase, just one day prior to the New Moon. This makes it a great time to focus on renewal as the Dark Moon correlates with ridding yourself of old things that no longer serve you. Then, the New Moon marks the time of rebirth.

Your Mabon ritual or celebration this year can combine the recognition of the turning of the wheel to the autumn season by giving thanks for the abundance in your life, as well as opening yourself up to new and better opportunities. At the time of the equinox, we have equal amount of day and night, so it is also a time of understanding and connecting to balance. We recognize the light and the dark, the fertility of the earth and the dying soil, the bounty of the harvest and the coming leaner months.

If you enjoy building a seasonal altar, adorn it with corn husks and dried corn, small gourds, apples, colorful leaves, brightly colored orange, yellow and burgundy colored candles, symbols of balance like a yin yang or scales. You can make offerings of wine, grape juice, apple cider, grapes, pumpkin seeds or any other food items related to the season. Choose incense of sweet and spicy notes like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, apple and clove. Incorporate symbols or statues of your god and goddesses if you so choose. The most important part is to make your altar your own and go with your intuition.

Have a blessed Mabon season!

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