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Visiting the Akashic Records
The Akashic Records is a huge spiritual database that stores all of our events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions that have ever, or will ever occur in any of our lifetimes. Accessing your Akashic record grants you access to all of these, thankfully, not all at once! When you enter, you ask the question you want answered. It can be anything that is relevant to your lives. Being able to look back at past lives or events that happened in this life before we formed memories can help when dealing with shadows that just won't quit, or when finding the root to a habit or trait that you have. Essentially, its being able to read the book of You. Knowing this, I took my first trip to the Hall of Akashic Records. It was everything I had expected, nothing I had expected and so much more than I had expected. It was intense … brief, but intense.

There are many ways to get there, as many as there are people that want to get there I think. I personally started by dropping down into my heart center. Green … it was very very green … then I climbed a spiral staircase. If I could have seen anything in detail, I would have said it was stone, and old, it just radiated age and permanence. But … So. Much. Green. Which then began to change through a series of ombre tones of green, then greenish then pinkish, then pink.

Why yes, I do see everything in colors. Is it obvious?

When I reached pure raspberry rose quartz pink a door appeared. Wooden, old, heavy, I think old is definitely a theme here. A door that promised to lead to amazing things. It swung open easily and I stepped through to be greeted by a host of people that were made of light … it was pretty bright up in there.

“Umm, I would like to meet my guide please”

One stepped forward. The intensity of love that wrapped around me was almost physical, and yet gentle, subtle and all encompassing. Is this place a study in opposites? Yes. Will yours be the same? Probably not. I'm no expert having only been there once so far, but my gut feeling is that each of us sees it very differently.

Together, we walked down a long hallway, like the nave of an old church, that slowly became the central aisle of the most amazing room I have ever seen. Everything was made of wood, floors, walls, pillars that held up the ceiling that I could not see because yeah, books! Every wall was bookcases filled with books. Down the central aisle we reached a big stand, like a museum display case, but no glass preventing me from touching the huge old book sitting in the center of the wooden stand. We didn't stop here.

We kept going, and the place changed, becoming more rustic, less over whelming. A large stone fireplace to one side, big bunches of drying herbs hanging from the, I'm not sure what, there was no sense of ceiling or roof. Lavender, Basil, Sage, armloads of it, tied with twine and hanging to dry. This was not where I was to stop either.


Past another stand that held white robe, blue and white prayer shawl and yamulke … excuse me? What? Nope, we move on.

The room changes again, a cave now, in the depths of the cave I finally see a back wall. This was where I began, on this tripod stool over a cleft in the ground. I am watching the scene, but I am the scene. I smell the fumes rising from the depths, I hear and feel myself chanting a prayer to Apollo. The words were a little jumbled, but I'm sure with practice it will become clearer.

Oh, wait, we're not staying here, I was just being given a starting point, we're going back again. Now I see my feet, a white robe tugging against my legs with each step. It's hot and there is sand in my sandals (I hate that!) around my feet the bleating of a small flock of sheep. Only they are not poofy white happy sheep, these are thin, feral looking desert sheep that are used to eating their way around thorns.

I'm wearing the Yarmulke, the prayer shawl is tossed over one shoulder as I look for a place to pause and pray. I can smell the sand, the hot sheep, the dust that they kick up is coating my throat. I'm very definitely male (apparently under garments are optional in the desert).

Then I was back in the hallway in front of that pillar being told it was time to leave. We go out the way we came in, past the herbs, past the book, back to the other light beings. Out the door, down the stairs with everything slowly turning from pink back to green as I descend from the upper heart back to the lower heart.

I know there is a lot more to see, that I have been given just a glimpse of me and my past lives. It answered a few questions for me, and sparked a whole lot more.

Interestingly when I tried to go back this morning the staircase went on and on and on and on. When I finally reached the door it wouldn't open. Apparently, for me at least, in the early stages access is limited. I think because processing time between journeys is a requirement.

Later this year I am planning on offering workshops, and one-on-one Akashic Records Workshops, Readings and Attunements. Some of these will be in person, some can be done remotely. More information on these will be available once I am free to schedule events again.

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