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Reiki: Kundalini & Usui. Whats the difference?
Reiki is a form of Energy Healing translates to Universal Lifeforce Energy and it's sole purpose is to aid us in our healing journey, be it spiritual, physical, or emotional. All that is needed to be able to channel Reiki is a connection to the Universe. Yes, this makes it something that anyone can do without any special training. However, various people over the years have honed their own connections to the point that they are able to not only channel this energy, but also attune other people to their particular wavelength, allowing others to channel that frequency of energy, as well.

The one that started it all is known as Usui Reiki, first channeled in the modern era by Dr Mikao Usui in 1920’s Japan. It is for Dr Mikao that this system of Reiki is named. It was not so much a discovery as a rediscovery of an ancient healing practice that aided healing by opening the body’s energy channels and allowing Universal Lifeforce Energy to flow through it and boost its own healing abilities. Kundalini Reiki  followed in the 1960’s channeled by Ole Gabrielsen, named for the Kundalini energy taught in Hinduism. This is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be found at the base of the spine, in the root chakra.

Both have three degrees of attunement, each level allowing the practitioner access to a greater degree of energy as well as the ability to not only do healings in person, but also from a distance. Energy, not being limited by time and space like humans are, Reiki can be used to heal someone across the world. Or, it can be used to heal an event that happened in the past, allowing whatever trauma scars that event left on our psyche to be removed, or greatly reduced. Enery Healing can also be used to help our pets, such as with Animal Reiki.

The primary difference between the two systems is that Usui Reiki uses a series of symbols that resemble Japanese Calligraphy, to access and direct the flow of the Energy. Attunement allows access to these symbols and the energy that they represent. A Kundalini Reiki attunement opens the channel that runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head, allowing the Kundalini Energy to rise from the root chakra and flow through the body. This connects the practitioner to the Universe and allows them to channel this energy through the palms of the hands with a simple intention.

It is commonly believed that Kundalini Reiki Level One is at the same level as Usui Reiki Level 3. Being attuned to both, I have found that it doesn’t matter which one may seem more powerful, you are only ever going to channel as much energy as your client needs at the time. Therefore, to me, discussions of power seem a little pointless. Because they both access the same source energy, they work together seamlessly.

The primary difference that I have found is that Usui Reiki focuses on healing the person. Kundalini Reiki takes this a step further, allowing us to use this energy to cleanse environments and events. It also allows us to infuse Reiki Energy into items for later use, and it allows us to channel the energy of various crystals into food and drink, and yes, people too. By placing those energies directly into someone’s body, allows the healing work to continue long after a Reiki session has ended.

There are dozens and dozens of different forms of Reiki in the world at this point. It seems that people are channeling through new versions almost every day. Without fail, every single one of them is Universal Energy, each one with its own unique twist that makes it perfectly suited to someone. The differences between them pale in comparison to the one trait they all have in common. They are all Love, and none of them can be used to do harm. It really is simply a matter of picking the one that fits you best.

Zinzeudo works with several Energy Healers who offer in-person and distance healing sessions. We can even attune and train those who wish to follow a healer's path. Below are the links to our current list of services.

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