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Libra Full Moon - 31 March 2018

Libra Full Moon Reading

The Libra full moon is all about learning more about ourselves and embracing those parts of us that we have hidden away. This doesn't necessarily mean that we need to show those parts to the world right away. It means acknowledging them to ourselves and working towards accepting and loving them. Once we are able to make a start on doing that, life begins to balance itself. Drama just naturally doesn't touch you as much any more, and doors will start to open to allow you to follow a life path that you find deeply fulfilling.

1. How can I cooperate with my shadow side?
The Sage

The SageYour shadow side is the part of yourself that you keep hidden for whatever reason. The shadow of you is not necessarily bad, for many of us the shadow side is our deeply creative and sensitive side that we hide away for fear of being wounded. The full moon is a great time to start to embrace that shadow side. The process starts by simply pausing before reacting to anything and ask yourself “why am I reacting this way?'

By pausing and listening to yourself before you react you begin to learn your own hidden motivations and what causes them. This helps you to uncover your shadow side and start the rewarding process of embracing it.

2. What energy does this Blue Moon hold for me?
V of Water

Five of WaterWater is emotion and intuition. This full moon, being a blue moon is the perfect time to embrace the pure energy of our emotions and simply sit with them. Let yourself truly feel whatever it is you need to feel without judgment or censorship. Embrace the simple truth that your emotions are valid because they are yours. They are not right or wrong, they simply are.

3. How can I find a way through the darkness?
X of Fire

Ten of FireThe Ten of Fire is the card of self knowledge and self mastery. By knowing yourself, accepting your shadows and loving your emotions you become whole and self accepting. This grants you the personal power to act deliberately and with clear intention. When we are acting from a place of self understanding it often has the effect of simply turning on the light where ever we are at in life. Thus the darkness is banished.

4. How can I bring more balance to my life right now?
XVI Destiny

DestinyWe all have two destinies, a universal destiny and a personal destiny. Our personal destiny is to follow our bliss and learn the path that brings us deep inner peace. Our universal destiny is to become whole and connected, to find our center and and overcome that which destroys our peace. By knowing our twin destinies and working towards both of them, our lives will naturally come into balance as one will complement and strengthen the other.

Embrace your bliss and work towards it fearlessly. By doing so, the balance in your life will take care of itself.

5. How can I create more peace in my life?
XII Of Water

Twelve of WaterBe empathetic and objective in everything, being sure to be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else. By remaining objective you distance yourself from any daily drama, and by extension your life becomes much more peaceful and even.

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