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Leo Full Moon - February 2020
The full moon coming up on the 9th falls squarely in the arms of Leo the Lion! This means that many things will seem magnified, good as well as not so good in some cases. It also heralds exciting and interesting things coming to birth in everyone's lives! Since the Sun rules both Leo and the Moon, we have an abundance of energy and good vibes that we can tap into and use to help co-create our lives.

This moon can gift you the energy you need to chase those things you desire most and claim what is rightfully yours. That strength and initiative will also work as a check point that helps you keep your emotions under control. No one wants to live in a soap opera! This moon also provides us the perfect aid to looking deeply at any situation before we forge ahead with it.

Not only is it the perfect time to put impetus to those projects you have been eyeing up. It's also a great time to get out there and make connections. Use that Leo energy to forge new relationships, or spark up old ones. It's also the perfect time to cast off any blah's that may still be hanging around from winter and give your aura a spit polish for spring.

  1. What things am I clinging to that serve no purpose for me anymore?
  2. Where can I look for places to direct this energy to my greatest good?
  3. A Word from the Moon (My Emotional Health)
  4. A Word from the Sun (My Egoic Health)
  5. What move do I need to make?
  6. Where do I need to let things simply balance themselves?

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