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July 2018 Full Moon In Aquarius

The full moon of July falls in the sign of Aquarius. This full moon is also a solar eclipse, six planets, including Mars, Mercury and Chiron are in retrograde as we move into Leo season with all its attendant bright and fiery energy. Like it or not, this is a time of change. Of things being left behind and new things coming right out front where they can not be ignored.

Solar eclipses mean new beginnings, things are going to change, your only choice is to allow it. Full moons are the time to harvest the intentions that you put in place at the new moon. It's also the time to feed and nurture those intentions that have not yet bloomed.

Mars retrograde means that our focus is going to be on things that simply are not working for us. We will find ourselves focusing on the things that really get under our skin and make us itch. Are your beliefs working? Are your friends right for you? Are you ready to change your job?

It's the full moon, this means your intuition is at a high. When that itch strikes you look closely at where it is itching. This is probably where you would most like to change things.

Follow that itch!

Leo is all about emotions, which means that anything you are feeling right now may be enhanced. If you are usually empathic you may find yourself being extra sensitive. Lots of small revelations and inspirations will be popping up to help guide you towards the changes you have been wanting to make.

You are being called to move into a truly authentic life, one that you have crafted to fit your beliefs and ideals. Now is the time to focus on your health, your relationships, and make choices that you know reflect the future you truly desire for you!

This is when you put aside your worries and anxieties and fearlessly become the person you want to be!

Ignore those siren calls from the old self, now is the time to align your thoughts, beliefs and your mindset and become your best self. It's ok if you have been tired, and run down by what has been happening. Rest, pamper yourself a little. Focus on the positive and good that is in your life and start to put the things you want into action. We don't have to change everything overnight, now is just a good time to start.

There is a huge amount going on energetically at the moment, but know that you are fully supported by the Divine. Emotional breakthroughs are happening and often bring with them tears, discomfort and ultimately healing. Let this transition happen. Know that it is a needed step in opening yourself up to become who you truly want to be.

1) Illumination: what can the world no longer hide?
King of Air
The King of Air is all about justice, ethics, the rule of law and cosmic balance. He is judgment, but tempered by compassion. Things that have been unbalanced and unfair are going to begin swinging back again as the scales of justice right themselves.
Wrongs done will be brought into the light and dealt with. Things we have hidden deep inside ourselves and refused to deal with will be bought to our attention so that we can heal them and move forward.

2) Release: What does the world need to let go of?
The Child
In this position The Child is all about letting go of the past, healing old wounds and hurts and letting ourselves dream again. Too often we look back and only remember the hurts and sufferings, instead of the times of love and laughter.
The Child encourages us to reach out towards our goals and dreams with the child like innocence and laughter. To remember to take time to play and be silly because sometimes that is what the soul needs.

3) Transformation: What is getting ready to emerge?
Too often, labels serve to separate us rather than define us. They point out to us what is different from ourselves. Now is a time to move past those labels and seek the things that make us the same. Our shared humanity is beginning to come to the fore, lets embrace that and seek the common ground that will draw us all closer and heal the rifts and hurts of

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