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Full Strawberry Moon - June 2020

The Full Moon on Friday, June 5, 2020, occurs at 15 degrees Sagittarius, and is a lunar eclipse. While i don't pretend to understand a whole lot of astrology, i do know that Mars is heavily associated with war and upheaval and the moon is sitting square to Mars for this full moon and Venus is heading backwards. To say it is a trying time would be a vast understatement.

Strained relationships will feel the pressure the most. Impatience, frustrations, lack of self control can all work together with these energies and result in impulsive actions and fights. We also will see - are already seeing! - the very real threat of actual war between opposing sides.

Empaths and more spiritually aware people will feel the strain of this as we are simply more aware of the atmosphere around us. to balance this somewhat, our intuition always runs at its highest at a lunar eclipse. Now is a really good time to use that skill to help you navigate the minefields around us!

Try this card spread a couple of days before the Full Moon. The answers you get may help you use this time to your advantage.

1. What is causing disharmony in my relationships right now?
2. What can I do to overcome this?
3. How can I best release my own frustrations?
4,5,6. What baggage from the last six months is it time for me to leave behind?
7. What do i need to know right now?

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