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Full Moon in Aries - September 24th

The full moon this month rises in the sign of Aries, its energy is very much about things hidden. Past hurts and traumas could rise to the surface to be dealt with. There will be ample good vibes to help deal with your fears and insecurities though.

This month is very much about facing your demons and over coming them. Don't worry if things seem to suddenly have taken a drastic downturn. Just face things head on one at a time and know that this too shall pass.

How can I stay true to my core desires and feelings without feeling compromised?
12. Love
No matter what the question is, love is always the right answer. No matter what you may be going through this full moon, the answer is love. More specifically, love for yourself. In acknowledging that you are not only worthy of love but worth loving, you will find your power.

This full moon, love you. If life feels stressed and unbearable, take time out to pamper you. Before you scream “I don't have time”, remember that self pampering could be something as small as buying your favorite snack food and enjoying it guilt free. When you love you, you can't help but honor your feelings and desires.

It's not selfish, I promise!

What falsehoods about myself do I need to acknowledge and release for my authentic self to surface?
The Sage
We like to think we have all the answers to our problems, but if we did, they wouldn't be problems. The Sage is here to remind us that not only is learning a life long occupation, but that there are people that are older and wiser than us in the world.

Don't be scared to seek the advice of someone you respect, an older friend or relative may have some advice that points you in the right direction. Or maybe a random word from a total stranger will point you in the right direction.

Heed wise counsel, no matter what the source.

In what aspect of my life do I need to take a leading role, a perhaps be willing to take risks?
7 of Fire
The seven of Fire is all about your intuition, that small voice that whispers advice and guidance to you every day. Listen to it!

Your intuition lives inside you, more than any mentor or teacher, your intuition knows what is going on and what you need. No matter how scary its advice, listen and follow it, it might be hard in the short term, but in the long term you will reap the benefits.

Message from Grandmother Moon.
8 of Earth
I am bringing a time of abundance to the Earth. You can be part of this stream of abundance if you will simply accept that you deserve all good things to come to you. Too often you block the stream by thinking that you simply aren't worthy. Remember that abundance is not always financial, your abundance may come in health, or happiness or friends. Be open to it how ever it appears.

Follow your dreams, do what you love and make plans for a bright and happy future.

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