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Crystal of the Month:  Septarian

A calming, stabilizing energy for the holiday season.

Septarian was formed approximately 60 million years ago during a time when there was more volcanic activity on Earth. When the volcanoes erupted, they sent ash and debris into the air, which then settled into the ocean floor. This volcanic debris killed off the small oceanic life forms that lived in the shallow depths near the shoreline. The aquatic die-off combined with the volcanic debris formed bubbles just below the surface of the sea. Once the waters receded, these pockets later dried and hardened over millennia and the inner crust formed into brown aragonite, which are the dark brown lines on Septarian. Further along in history, the hollowed centers of the bubbles were filled in with calcite, which is the yellow part of Septarian. And finally, limestone formed around the outside of the now nodules, creating the fully formed rock. The limestone is the gray material on the Septarian.

Septarian nodules are mainly calcite concretions that formed many angular cracks, or septaria. The word septaria is derived from the Latin septum, meaning “partitions” referring to the angular cracks. Some incorrectly say the name comes from the Latin septem, meaning “seven”, referring to the number of cracks commonly found in Septarian.


Metaphysically, Septarian is a calming stone with nurturing energies that can bring a sense of joy and happiness. It can absorb your energies (not depleting your energy) and store them for later use. This is particularly good if you know ahead of time that you will need extra strength and confidence in a specific situation. Say you are scheduled to speak in front of an audience and you know this makes you nervous, simply work with the Septarian and allow it to store your own energy and then have it with you during the speaking engagement. It will give you the boost of confidence you need by supplying you with an extra store of your own energy.

Septarian is wonderful for grounding and for helping you to get along with other people more easily. Consider having a piece of Septarian in your possession during the holiday season! Allow it to store your positive vibes and then bring it with you for an extra boost of confidence, strength and calming/grounding energy while you visit family or travel for the holidays.

Septarian is supportive and gives you the opportunity to allow yourself to feel balanced, grounded and centered during a situation that would likely be otherwise stressful. It is a strong root chakra stone, but also helps balance the sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well. It is also shielding of physical, mental and emotional energies. Septarian enhances a sense of well being as it regulates emotions and allows for better communication. The energies of Septarian fosters tolerance and patience.

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