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Color Magic: Purple

Amethyst PointPurple to me, is a color of balance. It is the blending of active red and passive blue giving us the point of rest between them. The violet ray seen in the rainbow is the highest color vibration visible to the human eye. Fittingly it is also linked with the Crown Chakra, the highest chakra on the human body.

Purple is considered to be the color of transformation and spirituality. Throughout much of human history it has been linked with mystery, magic, royalty and luxury. Purple is often used to help people relax and focus during meditation, its also prized for its healing properties (never rely on color alone, always seek professional help for any medical issue, please).

Using the Color Purple in Magic

Purple Taper CandlesPurple candles, purple altar cloths, decorations, flowers and crystals are all effective ways to bring the vibration of purple into your magic. Wearing purple and decorating with it helps to bring the higher vibrations of the color into your life. Wearing purple gemstones like Amethysts and Ametrines are simple and attractive ways of having the energy surround you.

When you are dealing with psychic powers, anything mystical or magical, meditation and divination, having purple on you, or around you will help. Purple is a great aid in any spells that involve wisdom, power, and knowledge.

Correspondences for the Color Purple

Element: Air

Planets: Jupiter

Chakra: crown

Number: 7

Tools: wand

Stones: amethyst

Tarot: chariot, fours

Healing: Mental issues, severe illnesses, addictions

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