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Becoming the Wheel: Mabon

Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, is one of two times during the year when day and night are equal. It is a time of balance, of harmony and equality. It is also the time when farmers gathered in the second harvest, the heavy crops like pumpkins, the harder fruits like apples. Other crops had been stored, animals culled or readied for winter and houses prepared for the upcoming cold. Although, with how the climate has changed, it can be hard to see that in today’s weather. 

Mabon is a time to give thanks for the abundance that surrounds us; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because it is a time of balance, we need to acknowledge both the gains and the losses of the previous year. It is the perfect night to reflect on the last turn of the wheel. Where did we grow and conquer old patterns and habits that we wanted to put aside? Where did we fall back into well-established paths that we wanted to break free from? 

On a purely physical level, we can honor Mabon, the Earth Goddess and the harvest by leaving out simple offerings, sharing the bounty of the earth with the smaller souls that live alongside us. Leaving out apples and nuts for the squirrels, making sure there are wintering places for the bees and the butterflies. Doing what little things we are capable of to preserve life around us over the coming cold. 

On a personal level? Mabon is the time to set intentions that involve decrease, or reduction. This is the time of year to end relationships that do not support and nurture us. It's time to pause, to look at our daily habits and set aside the ones that are unhealthy or self-destructive. If you want to give up smoking, or change your lifestyle in any way, Mabon is the time to set those changes in place. 

Between now and Mabon, I will be spending some time each day reflecting on the past year. Looking at what I have learned, where I have changed, then carefully weighing the balance. On the night of Mabon, I will light some candles, (three is always a suitable number for balance), white, black and orange. White for the light, black for the dark and orange for the riches of the harvest.  

As I light each candle, I'll review the results of all that reflection. I will give thanks for all the growth in my life (the white candle) then I will offer up what I want to decrease in my life going forward (the black candle) then I will set intentions and give thanks for the abundance that I have been blessed with, (the orange candle). Then I’ll simply sit with the candles, I know that while I wait Spirit will guide me on the next steps. Maybe it will be where I could give more, maybe it is something I missed that I could put aside or bring into my life. Who knows.  

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