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Aquarius Full Moon - August 2019

The full moon this month is squarely in the airy sign of Aquarius. While we are well known for our slightly eccentric ways and the fact that we tap dance on the line between genius and madness, what is lesser known is that Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian.

This full moon is all about love and healing. Not love and healing that we can do for us, but the love and healing that we are able to give to the rest of the world. This full moon its time to pause, look outside yourself and ask “what can I do to make the world a better place?”. No one person can magically heal the world and make everything better, but we can all take small steps together.

It has been asked “What right do we have to be happy and loving when there is war, famine and death stalking so many people?”. Remember, that all is energy and that we are all connected. If those of us that are able to, rise above the weight of the pain and sickness that is holding the world down and let our healing light bathe the world and everyone in it. We help to make things just that tiny bit more bearable for those that are living in the midst of it. Because we are all one, we all feel on some level, everything that everyone else feels. So, if we feel their pain on a soul level, it makes sense that they would feel our love and healing on the same level.

But, more practically speaking, perhaps its time to give back in a more concrete way? Is there an organization you can support with your spare time, or your spare dime? Maybe buy an extra can of food to donate to a food bank? The love and healing we can send are invaluable, the practical things that we can do each day have an effect that is incalculable. Even in the things that we buy we can make the conscious choice to choose not convenience or price first, but if the item gives back to the world in some way. (Zinzeudo right now is offering gorgeous hand crafted soaps that give 100% of all proceeds to Ocean clean up!)

At the end of the day, you can simply choose to love. You can pause in your meditations and choose someone to send love to. Every person dehomed by war and violence, every parent that has lost a child, every child afflicted with a cancer. The options are endless and there will be one that speaks to your soul.

Close your eyes and quietly repeat to yourself three times- I send love to…..”

Feel the words as you say them, feel yourself sending out the love, and know that you just created a ripple that will be felt all over the world. 

This Aquarius Full Moon echos the words of Gandhi- “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  1. How can I direct my love and healing to create a positive effect on the world?

  2. How can I hold my truth against the negativity that surrounds me in news and media?

  3. How can I meet every negative person with love and compassion?

  4. What message does my Higher Self have for me on walking a path of love?

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