Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

So many of us are worried at the moment, confused about which advice is correct, and simply not really knowing what to do as we try to navigate what feels like very dangerous waters.

Often, being able to pause and get in touch with our Higher Selves can help us move past this and be able to reach that inner peace and knowing that everything is working together for our greatest good.

Zinzeudo has readers available to offer you love, hope and guidance from the Higher Realms. Lisa, Mieosha and Xena are available via phone or email so you don't even need to venture out of your house. Simply email to arrange your reading.

Lisa has nearly 30 years experience in divination and is able to offer guidance and clarity, no matter what you are seeking advice on. The cards can be your gateway to the wisdom and guidance that your soul has for you. All you need to do is be open to hearing what is being said.

Mieosha (aka Le Sage Mystique) has been an intuitive tarot reader for 12 years. She uses several decks, a strong knowledge of astrology and her spirit guides to bring messages meant to inspire and empower. Through her work she is able to uncover truths and give you practical tools to help heal and move forward on your personal journey.   

Xena is a key-holder, for your guides, those whom you may already have relationships with and those you have yet to meet. Using Oracle cards and channeling she is able to bring a message from your guides that is unique to you and your current situation. During your reading she drops into a light trance state and brings out whatever message is awaiting you. 

Simply email to arrange a reading with Lisa, Mieosha, or Xena.