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Freyr: The Norse God of Peace and Prosperity

One of the primary deities in Norse Mythology is Freyr (Old Norse for Lord). Worshipped primarily by farmers, sailors, and kings, Freyr is the god of peace, prosperity, fertility, and weather. Son of Njord, the god of sea and wind, and twin brother of Freya the goddess of love and beauty, Freyr was one of the most widely worshipped of the Norse deities. 

Norse Mythology divides the Deities into three clans, the Aesir- associated with war, wisdom and sovereignty. The Vanir, who rule over nature, fertility and magic, and the Jotun, the race of giants. After the great war between the Aesir, and the Vanir, the two tribes exchanged hostages in a peace treaty. Freyr was one of these hostages and was eventually accepted to be as much Aesir as he was Vanir. 

Widely associated in Norse Mythology with peace and prosperity, Freyr was considered the source of happiness and abundance. Those who worshipped him could expect to receive blessings and riches from him. As the god of peace and harmony he was believed to prevent wars and sow friendship and harmony in the world. He also holds the honor of being the patron of temples and sacred places, making him the deity that received the most sacrifices. He is also considered the ancestral kind of Sweden. 

Most often worshipped and offered sacrifices as the god of fertility, it was believed that Freyr ensured a good harvest each year. As God of the weather, he was looked to to provide the best conditions for the crops to grow so that there would be plenty throughout the year. But more than just crops, he was also the one that watched over the fertility of the livestock, and the people who worshipped him. Those who offered him sacrifices believed that he would bring their marriage partner to them, as well as ensuring that they had children who thrived into adulthood.   

Because he rules over the areas of peace, prosperity, fertility and weather, Freyr quickly became one of the most widely worshipped and influential gods in Norse Mythology. Son of Njord and twin brother of Freya, goddess of love, he was widely believed to bring happiness and abundance to all who worshipped him. 

Freyr’s feast is usually celebrated on August 1st, coinciding with the celebrations of Lammas, the feast of the first harvest. This aligns with his role as the deity of fertility and abundance. We can wrap that energy of abundance around us daily with a practice as simple as a quick prayer of thanks to him for all the wealth we have in our lives.  


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