The Earth resounds with synergy.  From the stratification of water in ponds and rivers where debris and silt from the bottom gets swirled seasonally to the top to the harmony of certain species of ants that live within an Acacia tree, protecting the tree and residing within themselves; the rhythm of sync is all around us. 

Nowhere else is this synchronicity more evidently portrayed than in that of flowers.  From when the sun comes up to when it goes down for a prolonged season (winter), flowers follow the sun, blossom at their right time, sometimes close-down for the night, and then bud and blossom again either for the day or after the dark of the year, renewed. Flowers are in sync, and each plant that decorates with them is in tune to the air, the sea, even fire, and the earth.   

Share in their synergy, shine on with your essential flower!

  • Superior Quality - a unique 1 inch essential oil pendant handcrafted into a sturdy frame with 24 inch stainless steel chain. 
  • Pads Included - essential oils enjoyed without direct contact with skin. 3 white cotton pads included.
  • Two-toned: 14k rose-gold and .925 sterling silver intermingle to form a brilliant floral design.
  • Comes Gift-Boxed - go Green! Eco-friendly gift packaging made from 100% natural fiber harvested from invasive species and sustainable sourced ink.