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Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for religious worship, observance, or prayer. Every book tells you “you have to have this on your altar,” but no one ever tells you what to do when you’re done building it. How do you create relationships with deities? How do you know what your patron deity is? How do you pray? What are offerings? What do you do with them afterwards? 

This evening we are helping you build a relationship with your altar, or sacred space. This course is specifically designed to work with all the students individually with their faiths. Please keep in mind that we will not allow missioning your faith or judging others’ faiths. This evening is to get the help connecting spiritually without judgement.

I’m so excited to offer an evening of devotion and prayer and to guide you in building your relationship with your faith. Let’s love our altars.

This is a 2.5 - 3 hour course. Limit is 12 people.


CLASS SCHEDULE: This class meets on Friday, January 15th @ 8:30pm

Early Bird Special: $37 now thru January 10th at midnight
Regular Price: $50 after January 10th

We will email you the link and passcode to attend the classes on Zoom a few days prior to the start of the class.


Students who provide written notice of cancellation within three days of paying tuition, but before the first class, are entitled to a full refund. Cancellation/refund requests submitted after the class begins will not be honored.

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