Extracting an evil attack, spirits, and pests on an individual.

Soul Extraction 

Soul extraction literally involves the shaman entering the spirit world and examining the patient’s soul for entities that may have intruded and may be having a negative effect. This method involves the shaman extracting any evil being or entity present within the patient’s soul. The evil in the soul may be due to someone who has attempted to harm or even kill the individual. Such attacks manifest in the form of chronic pain and illness with no visible causes. However, the shaman normally saves the patient by removing the evil that is hurting their soul.

Shamanic healing involves helping people see how their emotional patterns manifest in physical reality and then helping them realign with the more holistic patterns of universal consciousness. A Shaman is characterized as being indifferent to any religion, culture, or specific location. They are independent of any sort of system or organization. They use their skills for their general well-being of society and do not restrict themselves to a specific portion or sect. That is, a shaman works for all the people of the community and not just for a specific person. 

Experience During a Shamanic Healing 
  • Crating a sense of connection with the world from within one’s self 
  • Convergence of body, mind, and soul on a single point. 
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Reduction in negative emotions, blockages, and traumas Benefits of Shamanic Journey 
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills 
  • Healing of spiritual wounds, such a childhood traumas and phobias 
  • Being able to look into yourself and develop a sense of purpose in life 
  • Understanding yourself and your place in society 
  • Developing a strong relationship with the spiritual realm
  • Getting closer to nature
Aly requires 7 weeks (in a row) of spiritual counseling after the exorcism. This is included in the price. You will also have to finish and pass our in-take. An hour and a half session, with pre-day work, done exactly to specification, then weekly checkups for a total of 8 weeks under his EXACT care and instructions. Deviation from his instructions stops treatment without refund.

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