Protection & Grounding Tumbled Stone Set

A set of 5 tumbled stones, each with their own unique vibration for protection and grounding.  They come with a card listing the stones and ways in which they ground and protect, all in an organza drawstring bag (color of bag may vary).

  • Black Tourmaline:  absorbs negative energies and electromagnetic "smog"
  • Dalmatian Jasper: transmutes negative energies
  • Smokey Quartz: balances energies and grounds 
  • Hematite:  absorbs negative energies, strong grounding energy
  • Red Jasper:  gentle grounding Earth energy

Carry these stones with you, or just one or two of them.  Follow your intuition.  Meditate with them, put them under your pillow.  Make use of them and they will help to keep you safe and secure.

This set was given to students who attended the Crystal Guru: Protection and Grounding class.  Our blog about this topic can be found here.