Kundalini Reiki is one of the simplest forms of healing and self-development systems available.

Kundalini Reiki, although offering a higher frequency energy than traditional Reiki, is very easy to learn. It allows students to become practitioners and teachers within a short period of time, whilst providing you with extremely powerful tools to help heal yourself, others and progress with your spiritual development.

At its core, Kundalini Reiki opens and strengthens your energy channels within your body, making it possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others. There are no symbols or complicated procedures to learn. Kundalini Reiki is activated and flows just by the power of intention.

Full Manual and Certificate will be provided.

The course covers:
  • Kundalini Reiki level 1:
  • How to perform in-person and distant healing
  • How to energetically cleanse a room or house
  • How to heal Karmic bands
  • Situation and qualities healing

Kundalini Reiki level 2:
  • How to use Kundalini energy in your healings
  • The Kundalini Reiki Meditation.

Kundalini Reiki level 3 (Master / Teacher):
  • How to attune others to the Kundalini Energy
  • How to attune crystals
  • How to attune other objects.

What are the Kundalini Reiki course requirements?
  • If you are ill or unwell you must first seek proper medical care.
  • No prerequisite knowledge required.
  • Know that healing is a process that requires your active participation.
  • A commitment to your self-empowerment and growth.
  • Some quiet time to practice and take in the energies.

What may I gain from taking these attunements?
  • Complete energy healing modality.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • No symbols
  • Activated by intention.
  • Simple attunement process.
  • Kundalini stimulation.
  • Energy body clearing and cleansing.
  • Increased personal and spiritual growth and development.
  • Can use on people, animals, places and environment.
  • Can attune others to these energies.


The entire course will be completed in one class that will be held remotely over video chat.

Class is held one-on-one over Skype or Zoom.
Class duration varies, but around 2 -3 hours.




Students who provide written notice of cancellation within three days of paying tuition, but before the first class, are entitled to a full refund. Cancellation/refund requests submitted after the class begins will not be honored.


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