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Push your boundaries with Online Integrative Personal Training! Our exclusive program combines fitness, nutrition and exercise coaching for a powerful transformation. Get moving and set your goals with personalized guidance from our expert coach. Unlock your full potential today!

Integrative Personal Training - Online services include educating and coaching the client on weight management and healthy lifestyle strategies. Danny works with clients to create a personalized wellness plan that includes physical activities, aerobic activities, weight training, circuit training, cardio training, high intensity interval training, and yoga.

Clients check in with Danny once per week via e-mail for accountability and modifications.  If clarification of the plan is needed, phone appointments may be scheduled.


  • Initial Health Evaluation and Training/Meal Plan:  $200 
  • Online Coaching:  $150 per month 

The first month is $350, which includes the Initial health Evaluation, Training/Meal Plan and the first month of weekly check-in support.  We will email an invoice for $150 every 30 days.