Faery Mysticism: A practical guide to initiation

Authored by Ari Devi

Until now, faery spirituality has not had a specific body of literature by which it may be defined. In this unique book, Ari Devi not only defines the Faery tradition, once and for all, but also provides the means to participate in it. Faery mysticism is an ancient spiritual discipline that involves collaboration with faery-beings as guides to self-realization and higher awareness. This process takes the form of a romantic courtship between the mystic and his or her faery consort or lover. In this book, Ari explains: The ancient eastern origins of faery mysticism and how those beliefs influenced the Celtic mystery tradition. The nature of the faery-world and how it relates to us. How to cultivate your spirit-body and wings of light. How to court a faery lover and receive initiation into the faery mysteries. Included are annotated versions of the classic romances including Oisin and Niam, Tamlin, Thomas the Rhymer and Cupid and Psyche.

Cover art has been provided by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Publication Date:    Nov 19, 2010

ISBN/EAN13:   145372477X / 978-1453724774

Page Count:    158

Trim Size:    6" x 9"

Language:   English

Color:    Black and White