When a loved one has passed on and needs to leave this world.

Soul Leading 

We know that a shaman can travel to the underworld, but he is also able to lead or guide souls to the underworld, too. Souls of relatives or friends stuck between the human world and the spirit world can be guided to their place in the other world using the services of a shaman. People who experience supernatural happenings and claim to be approached by their dead loved ones can ask the shaman to help the restless soul in reaching its destination in the other world.

Shamanic healing involves helping people see how their emotional patterns manifest in physical reality and then helping them realign with the more holistic patterns of universal consciousness. A Shaman is characterized as being indifferent to any religion, culture, or specific location. They are independent of any sort of system or organization. They use their skills for their general well-being of society and do not restrict themselves to a specific portion or sect. That is, a shaman works for all the people of the community and not just for a specific person. 

Experience During a Shamanic Healing 
  • Crating a sense of connection with the world from within one’s self 
  • Convergence of body, mind, and soul on a single point. 
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Reduction in negative emotions, blockages, and traumas Benefits of Shamanic Journey 
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills 
  • Healing of spiritual wounds, such a childhood traumas and phobias 
  • Being able to look into yourself and develop a sense of purpose in life 
  • Understanding yourself and your place in society 
  • Developing a strong relationship with the spiritual realm
  • Getting closer to nature

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