Plant Charming 101 is an intensive crash course learning the art of working with Plantcestors and Plant Spirits. Plant Charming is the act of connecting and channeling messages from the Plant Realm, learning tools used by our Ancestors to charm the Plant Spirits while bringing
forth manifestation.

We will discuss how to use Trance, Channeling, Music, and Dance to connect with the Plant Realm bringing healing, balance, and connection to our lives. We will be working with a few key plants that have connections to my ancestry in Italy, as well as plants that have connections all over the world. After discussing ways of connection we will spend some time connecting our hearts to the plant spirits and embark on a guided meditation together to meet one of our Plantcestors.

Learning to channel the information from these guides in different ways by using ancient techniques that have been passed down over time can teach us not just about our spiritual lives and paths, but also how to connect in every day life between the plants we eat, to the plants outside of our home. Join me on this journey to an ancient path of Ancestral wisdom through the Plant Realm.

The running time for this class will be about 1 hour and 30 minutes. You are not expected to bring anything to class other then your beautiful vibes and open mind, but feel free to bring a note pad and pen if you would like. If you have a plant spirit that you work with and would like
to grow your connection to feel free to bring a small pouch of dried plant, or even a picture of the plant to use as a focal point during the meditation. After sign up you will receive a PDF guide book on Plant Charming and what it is, as well as a small pamphlet upon arrival to

Cost of class is $25 per person.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Please be aware:
* Parking may be limited, so please consider parking at the Orrstown Bank a few doors down on the same side of the street.

* For all in-person Zinzeudo events, we require that you wear a face mask per Zinzeudo policies and the expanded mandates by Gov. Larry Hogan.

* Zinzeudo doesn't allow food in their classroom space, however, beverages are welcome, with exception to glass containers


Students who provide written notice of cancellation within three days of paying tuition, but before the first class, are entitled to a full refund. Cancellation/refund requests submitted after the class begins will not be honored.

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