Online class Oct. 23rd  8:30 - 10:00pm EST.

Witchcraft is a time-honored tradition that is upheld by those who wish to walk this sacred path. We call ourselves "witch", "warlock", or even "sorcerer". Most of us are solitary practitioners of magic and witchcraft. We may all have dabbled in this a few times, or maybe we are experienced magicians.

For those who want to learn a foundation for how to properly write and cast a spell, please join us. Also bring along your own personal experiences to share with the group.

Aly is so excited to work with you and help you gain your spiritual clarity through the Divine. This course is flexible enough for any faith as the practitioner is Benedicaria.

Class will be held online in the Zinzeudo Zoom classroom.


CLASS SCHEDULE: This class meets on Friday, Oct. 23rd at 8:30pm EST.


We will email you the link and passcode to attend the classes on Zoom a few days prior to the start of the class.


Students who provide written notice of cancellation within three days of paying tuition, but before the first class, are entitled to a full refund. Cancellation/refund requests submitted after the class begins will not be honored.

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