The throat chakra vibrates a magical teal color.  Scented with zesty fragrances of bergamot and basil, this candle finishes with a slightly sweet and invigorating peppermint.

The 5th, or throat, chakra is vishudha in Sanskrit, meaning "purification" and is located at the middle of the neck.  Communication, self-expression and judgment are associated with this chakra.


  • 7th Crown Chakra (sahasrara):  understanding, acceptance and bliss
  • 6th Third Eye Chakra (ajna):  inner vision, intuition knowing and wisdom
  • 5th Throat Chakra (vishudha):  communication, self-expression and judgment
  • 4th Heart Chakra: (anahata)  higher consciousness, love and balance
  • 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: (manipura)  personal power, laughter, joy and anger
  • 2nd Sacral Chakra (svadhisthana):  desire, pleasure, sexuality and creativity
  • 1st Root Chakra (muladhara):  earthly grounding and physical survival