3 Pack Aroma Sticks

Interested in trying more than one of our aromatherapy inhalers?  Choose any three of our Aroma Sticks for one price.  Mix and match and let us know your choices at checkout.

  • Calm - promotes a stress-free day! 
  • Defense - supports reduction of symptoms of cold & flu  
  • Energy -  give yourself a sparking citrus boost! 
  • Happy - puts a smile on your face 
  • Memory Stix - helps with studying and retaining information 
  • Power - give POWER to your workouts! 
  • Travel - reduces symptoms of motion sickness

Directions:  Twist off the outer tube and hold the inhaler under your nose for a few seconds.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy!

Measures 2 12/" x 1/2".  Perfect size to take with you anywhere.  Don't leave home without it!