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Services offered:
  Spirit & Mediumship Readings

Virginia Lee, a Baltimore native, has been a part of the local spiritual community since 2004. She has participated in local development circles over the years and found them to be immensely beneficial in creating a sound foundation with Spirit. In these circles she received the encouragement and training needed to fully answer her calling to help people connect with their own spirit as well as those who have crossed over. In 2019 she opened her own spiritual practice, SpiritSpeak and began to offer her gifts to seekers at psychic fairs, message galleries and local festivals, while still continuing to hone her craft through classes and study.

Virginia brings the clientele of Zinzeudo an offering of timely, divinely inspired messages, and guidance meaningful to each seeker's journey. She offers clarity on challenges that you may be facing and an overview of a situation that is often not available to those in the middle of it. As well as guidance, she offers her skills as a medium, allowing those who wish to aid in connecting beyond the veil. While she can never predict who exactly will answer the call, experience has taught her that someone will always come and they will always have a relevant message.

Because the Spirit world has no concept of time, Virginia understands that the hour of day has little bearing on when her skills might be needed and offers her services 24/7, regardless of the time.