Launched in 2009, Zinzuedo provides spiritual guidance and promotes health and well-being through natural holistic means.

Today, we deal in a wide range of metaphysical and spiritual products as well as offering diverse spiritual services.

Metaphysical Materials

We stock and offer a wide range of spiritually valuable objects and materials which help our clients achieve various spiritual goals. Some of these include tarot and oracle decks, ritual jewelry, herbs, oils, as well as various spiritual stones and crystals. Our products can be bought online as well as in person. We offer free shipping on sales over $75 from our online store.



We offer spiritual counseling and lifestyle coaching sessions to help you navigate life and strengthen your connection to the Divine. We can offer guidance on nutrition and how to plan your diet so as to get the maximum health benefits from your food while getting to enjoy the treats you love at the same time. Our sessions are given by trained, experienced and compassionate Life Coaches who genuinely want to see you become a better version of yourself.

Distance is not a barrier; all sessions are also offered remotely via video call or other means.


As a spiritual store, we have readers who render divination services to guide people to connect with the spiritual. This helps people build their inner tranquility, get guidance and direction, and attain a greater state of personal peace. We can also help you get encouragement from the spiritual realm through our mediumship and tarot card reading services.

Herbal remedies

We can use our knowledge of the power of herbs to benefit you in several ways. Our herbal products including bath salts, oils, etc. provide healing both on the outside and the inside. Our clients are required to pay only for the products, as our consultancy is offered free.

Past Life Services

We help our clients learn more about their past lives through the Akashic record, a celestial library which houses this information. Knowing about our past lives can help us understand our present circumstances better. This service can be provided regardless of where the client is located.


We offer soothing therapeutic massage sessions to help relax and improve the health of the mind and body.

At Zinzeudo, we’re on a mission to provide top-notch spiritual education, community building, and wellness products and services to everyone. Our mission is to help people raise their consciousness and chart a path towards a more fulfilling life. We also hold seasonal Open House events and crystal shows for members of our community.

Contact us today to purchase any of our spiritual healing products or patronize our services.