Cards, both Tarot and Oracle, are a set of divinatory cards that are used for personal exploration and ritual. Unlike tarot decks with 78 cards divided into major and minor arcana, oracle cards do not follow any set structure.

Why Do You Need to See a Card Reader?

When we are faced with one of the many twists and turns that life can present us, sometimes it is difficult to see which way will be most beneficial for us to take. Even if we are used to consulting the cards on our own behalf, if it is a question in which we have a large emotional investment, that can hamper our ability to clearly see what the cards are saying. Seeking out a professional reading, from someone distant from the issue at hand can result in definitive guidance and crystal-clear clarity that we may not have been able to see for ourselves.

Even in the small everyday things, a reading from a professional can help us navigate life seamlessly and many times persuade us to take detours that we might have discounted.

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