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The Sanskrit Word Akasha literally means “sky” or 'ether”.The Akashic Records are a spiritual library housed in the Etheric plane, that contains an archive of all souls that have ever existed and their life journeys. Think of it as an autobiography of every life your soul has ever lived. These intuitive readings tap into the Akashic Records to access information about you as a soul. Every action you have taken in every life you have lived is recorded there. With a reading of your record you can uncover:

  • Where a particular shadow originated
  • Potential healing steps you can take
  • Insight into patterns in your lives.
  • Information about your soul.
  • Information about the Past Lives that are having the most influence on you now.
  • Your very first incarnation (believed to be the blueprint for all your incarnations)
  • Your soul Gifts and purpose.

Akashic Records Readings do not predict the future. As we have free will our potential future changes with every action we take. Instead, a reading will offer insight into what is happening in your life, and more importantly, WHY it is happening.

In the records I connect with ascended Masters and spirit guides and ancestors. They then allow me access to the specific information you have requested. Because each record is unique to the person that creates it, I am only allowed access to the specific part of your record, that you request. I can not access anyone else's records for you.

The records are best approached with a definite question, or area of your life you would like to look into (IE: relationships, career, health, finances, creativity, past lives)

Total investment required for a reading is: $111

These are done via distance and you can ask two specific questions as well as a soul essence reading that lists the amount of lives you have had and basic information about your form (IE: Human, animal or other)

The reading also includes five follow up questions that are answered via Tarot Reading.

The initial reading will be emailed to you, the follow up questions can be done via email, phone or Facebook video chat.

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