Zinzeudo University Instructor in Journaling for Self Care

Frida Rose grew up being told that she was meant to be seen and not heard. Her authentic self-expression was said to be worthless and at times intimidating. So, as a young girl, she trained herself to dim her light in order to be accepted.

In her early adulthood, Frida morphed into a full-on people pleaser who attracted abusive codependent relationships and faked a smile to hide her fears, depression, and anxiety.

In 2018, she began her healing journey using journaling and meditation to heal the trauma, insecurities, and fears that made her feel like she didn't deserve more from life.

With time, Frida fell in love with her true self, found her purpose, and ditched everyone's expectations of who she "should" be. She was reborn.

And with her new inner freedom, she started her innovative heart-based journal brand, Journaling is Self-Care LLC in 2020 to introduce others to the empowering gift of using journaling for healing and self-exploration in order to live happily and confidently on their own terms.

In 2022, Frida created her coaching program “The Be Your Own Hero Method” where she helps clients shift from being overwhelmed people-pleasers to becoming confident badasses who stay true to their own values and needs.

And when she isn’t teaching The Be Your Own Hero Method, you can find her sharing her favorite journaling techniques and powerful prompts through journaling workshops.