Zinzeudo University Instructor


Erin Rabideau is a practicing Covaxani and Whisperer (Romani witch), a Medium, and a Omnitheist-Pagan; currently local to the isles of the Carolina’s. She specializes in Slavic Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, Runic+Bone transcription and translation, Holistic Medicinal and Cooking Practices, Spellcasting, Past Lives interpretation, Dream and Psychic confluence and interpretation.

In her home/free time she loves to read/write, bake/cook, create artwork, fence competitively, and practice various theology practices (through various pantheons - Celtic, and Norse mostly).

Erin has trained under a local Priestess while in Dublin, Ireland as well as visiting her family in Bucharest, Romania where she learned some of the old ways of being a Covaxani within her Romani tribe. Family traditions and secrets handed down to her, spanning back hundreds of years within the tribe.

Erin has a MA Degree in Museums studies (with specialty in Egyptology), is an Active Chef, Art Teacher and current Med Student (Forensics specialty). She also has a BA in Anthropology (with Forensics and English Lit minors). She maintains Certificates in Herbalism, Medicine Making, Culinary, Media Communications, Interior Design, Event Coordination, and more.