Bes (/ˈbɛs/; also spelled as Bisu), is an Egyptian deity worshipped as a protector of mothers, children and childbirth. Bes later became the defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is bad. It's thought that he may have originated in Nubia or Somalia.

Being a household protector he was responsible for many things, such as killing snakes, fending off evil spirits, and protecting children. Bes was also the protector of women in labor. Working hand in hand with Tawaret at births to fend of evil spirits and ensure a healthy baby.

Unlike most Egyptian Portraits, Bes was shown full face rather than in profile. His most notable features were his ugliness and his engorged penis. Often he was depicted in a solider's uniform. Appearing ready to attack any evil that dared approach.

Bes also symbolized the good things in life, dance, music, sexual pleasure. Often his image was tattooed on the bodies of dancers, musicians and slave girls.