Crystal Healing is a form of vibrational medicine that utilizes various crystals and an intuitive, heart-centered approach to holistic wellness.  Crystal Healing sessions are performed by a compassionate, certified Crystal Healer with knowledge and experience in working with crystals and healing energy.

Crystal Healing sessions are done remotely, from a distance, that allows the client to receive the healing energies in the comfort of their own home or sacred space.  Energy is not confined by the human constructs of Time and Space. Energy Healing can occur between people who are a short or long distance apart from one another. 

How Does A Crystal Healing Session Work?

During the Crystal Healing session, the client will be asked to set aside one hour of peace and quiet.  They are instructed to obtain a meditative state by whatever means they are used to, including burning incense, lighting candles, playing soft music, doing breath work or chanting a mantra, etc.  This relaxed state of mind allows the energy healing to take place.  During the session, the certified Crystal Healer will work with the energy of the crystals to assist in the healing process. 

An optional crystal grid can also be created for those who wish to add the extra layer of energetic healing.  Note:  the optional crystal grid will be created, photographed and mailed to the client with instructions prior to the scheduled healing session.  This way the client can construct the crystal grid prior to the healing session and can keep the healing energy flowing after the session is over.

Why Choose Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a safe and gentle way to receive healing energies that will assist the body and mind in healing itself.  Crystal Healing works with the naturally occurring vibrations in crystals, as well as subtle universal energies that can help to align the body's energetic fields by clearing chakras and purifying unwanted energies.  This form of healing can assist a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As with all complementary alternative medicine modalities, Crystal Healing is meant to augment existing treatments from your physician.  We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease and illness.  


  • Initial Intake via E-Mail:  Free
  • 1-hour Crystal Healing session:  $69.95
  • Optional Crystal Grid:  $24.95 - $49.95

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