Occult Studies Teacher | Cultural Advisor | Spiritual Life Coach | Medium/Psychic

Services offered:
Crossing Over the Deceased: Soul LeadingHealing Your Faith and Re-awakening | Psychic/Medium Life Coaching | Psychic/Medium ReadingSoul Repair & RetrievalSpirit / Entity Removal & CleansingSpirit Guide Introduction and ConnectingWitchdoctor For Hire 

Aly Wilkins is a professional psychic medium and modern witch who grew up in Hawai’i and Nevada. He is a practitioner in Benedicaria, well versed in witchcraft, folk magic, Voodoo, Orisha, Stregheria, and world cultural occult studies. He holds certifications in mediumship, psychic training, magic, and the occult.

Aly is still an accomplished performer, which is required by his beliefs for passing on history and culture so we connect to each other and the human condition. He uses his psychic abilities as a performing arts instructor to better his students’ education, and has finally decided to teach in the field of the supernatural.

Fifteen years ago, Aly was the victim of a homicide attempt, which stripped the barrier between him and the spirit world, and Aly has communicated with those beyond ever since. He is a blogger for the new site www.benedicarias.com and is currently teaching at Zinzeudo Infinite Wellness.

Aly lives in the Central Maryland Area.

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