We all have at least one Totem Animal, a spirit guide in animal form who walks with us through life. Many of us have more than one. When we meet these guides and become attuned to their energies, we can easily tap into their attributes and strengths to help guide us through any situation we may face in life.

Lisa can take you on a guided journey to the world tree to meet at least one of your Totem Animals, and then attune you to that energy. You can repeat this journey any time you feel a new animal may be calling you to work with them. This means that more than a companion, your totem animal becomes a part of your being, empowering you to call on those energies whenever you have need.

Lisa is a certified Power Animal Practitioner, able to lead you on a guided journey to meet at least one of your totem animals. This is a simple meditative process that can be easily done via distance.

Why Do a Power Animal Discovery Session?

Why do we want to build a relationship with our totem animals? When we reach out to them, and are attuned to their energies and their qualities, we can draw on those abilities as we need. For Lisa, being attuned to the spider and the snake enables her to draw on ancestral wisdom and divine guidance more easily when doing readings as both those animals have those connections.

In times of stress or danger, we can wrap the abilities of our animals around us to enhance our own perceptions and abilities. 

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  • Power Animal Discovery Session: ¬†$175

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