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Snow Moon - January 31, 2018

Moon in Leo

Blue Moon
Super Moon
Lunar Eclipse
This wolf moon is also a super moon, a blue moon and an eclipse. I noticed the sudden shift in energies in the last few days. Usually for me the seasonal shift is gentle and gradual. This month it was like a switch was flicked without warning. One day was still sleepy winter hibernation energy, the next day a vibrant gust of spring rolled in and fired up everything.


This moon is about releasing things that have served you well in the past. But mostly it is about defining for you, who you are and what you stand for., and fearlessly letting creative power roll into your life.


1. Releasing – Things to let go of in your life.
The Sage
This moon cycle is a time to challenge tradition. What are you clinging to that is past its sell by date? What traditions and habits do you hold on to even though you know that for you personally they have no meaning, it is simply unwillingness to let go that makes you continue. Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Stop making excuses and let those habits and traditions go. Thank them for their service to you, then release them with love.


2. Retaining – Things to hold close to you.
12 of Fire - The Hero
The Hero lives by a code of honor, they might not tell anyone what exactly it is, but it is dear to them and often involves honesty and loyalty to family and tribe. Honor and respect for their partner not because they feel they have to but because this is their life partner, their help mate and equal. Hold close to yourself those principles that you live by. Let the honor and truth of them imbue your actions.


3. Receiving – Things that are coming into your life.
3 of Fire
Innovation and creativity are poised to inspire you to new projects! Be prepared for the sacrifice that comes with this. To be truly innovative you need to be willing to let go of all preconceived notions and ideas and let inspiration reign. Are you willing to let the fire of creativity take hold in your life?


4. Surroundings – How the world around you is affecting you
The Maiden
The maiden is graceful confidence. She knows that the truest path to walk is her own path. She knows that no matter what the world may say it is not selfish to take care of yourself and to dance to the beat of your own drum. The world tries to tell us that we must do many things to be “good people” the maiden is here to say that being true to yourself is the best thing you can be.
If you walk with dignity and honor then life will flow.


5. Giving – What you can give to others
When you give generously to those around you you clear the way for abundance to pour into your life. Like a garden choked with weeds, nothing can flower when there is no room. If you create room by giving then more can flow in. Giving is not just money, it is whatever calls to you, time, love, help, a listening ear. Give unselfishly to those around you, and always remember to give to yourself too. Self care is vital, you can't pour water from an empty vessel.


6. Beginning – Something new that will be beginning soon.
Your life journey is shaped by your experiences. Moments and events that have formed you into the person that you are today. Your future journey is yours to create. You my not always have a choice in what others might draw you into but you do have a choice in how you shape those events. Choose wisely, step around drama when you are able to and remember that the future is created in the present. Fill the present with happy moments and the future will glow.


7. Your lesson – What you can learn from this.
Queen of Air
Do not fear honesty. There are times when forthright honesty are needed much more than kind words and soft voices. Be just, be fair, and avoid the emotional entanglements of drama. You create your reality, weave the web of your life like a skilled spider, treading lightly across the sticky entanglements, staying on the firm foundations of your life. Know that you are in charge of your own life and make plans that will lead you to your goals.

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