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Rose Petals

Roses are considered to be an abundant plant, and are often gifted, grown and enjoyed by many people. Besides the lovely aroma they offer, roses can be quite magical, too.

Red Rose BudsRoses are generally regarded as useful in magical workings pertaining to love and beauty.  Dried rose petals can be put into a mojo bag, added to incense or burned in a spell designed for attracting love.

In addition to attracting love, Roses are highly protective as well.   Adding them to a protection spell or mojo bag enhances the protective qualities, especially for blocking the evil eye!

Rose petals can be offerings to Aphrodite or Eros.  Fresh roses might be better to add to your altar or shrine.   

Rose Petal SachetMedicinally, roses are great for adding to a tea for soothe menstrual cramps and headaches.  The aroma of the petals also soothes the nerves and helps you sleep.  Having a rose petal sachet under your pillow or on your nightstand can be very beneficial.  

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