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October: The Season of the Witch

October has always been my favorite month because it means fall is in full swing……and, of course, because of Halloween! I loved Halloween as a kid, but now I have a whole new love for the spooky holiday. For me, the entire month of October echoes the spirit of Halloween, which to me is that certain sort of magic you feel in the air this time of year. 

Magic is in the Air!

They say the veil between the two realms is thinnest on Halloween, or Samhain, an ancient Celtic and now Pagan holiday. And while that is great, this article isn’t going to tell you all about the thinning of the veil because you can read about that pretty much anywhere else on the Internet.

The magic of October is in the delicate hint of smoke traveling on the crisp, cool breeze of the autumn air. It’s that tingling sensation of excitement when you walk outside on an October morning and feel more alive as you watch dead leaves scamper by on the street. Within the midst of the early signs of death and decay of Nature all around you, you can’t help feeling energized and renewed.



October reignites my witchy side, too. I’m sure quite a few of you reading this know exactly what I mean! I feel more connected to my spirit self as the season encourages me to draw inward. I delight in the slowing down, the changing colors of the leaves and the scents and favors of autumn.

And all of the lovely things occurring in Nature remind me of my own true Nature. It is the time of year I feel closest to my ancestors (thinning of the veil, I presume). All who have come before me strengthen my magic as I take stock in knowing it is now my time on this planet. Those who have come before me are gone, but I can draw on their energies, empowering my spirit.

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