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Malachite - the Crystal of Transformation
My first encounter with Malachite was as a pre-teen in Washington, DC. My family visited a holy shrine that had beautiful malachite pillars. I remember feeling a great peace there, and had the impression that one could pray there without outside interference. 
I have since learned that malachite, especially in large masses, brings peace to the heart and clearing to the third eye. I use malachite today to benefit from these effects. Like snowflakes, each sample is different. Chunks of malachite carved and polished into balls, eggs and figures have distinctive swirling layers of light and dark green. As I get lost in the waves of color my tension eases and I relax. This relaxation allows the body to heal itself. Malachite is also used to clear and energize all chakras.Malachite absorbs negativity, and must be cleared frequently. Quartz crystals placed next to the malachite bring in the cleansing energy of love to restore the mineral to its proper strength.

Malachite is an amplifier of moods. If you are in a good mood, it will lift you even higher. If you are in a not so good mood, it will amplify that. This may not sound encouraging, however, as the upsetting mood increases, it becomes easier to identify the source of this negativity. Malachite will further open the third eye, making it possible to see the solution with much greater ease. Malachite is a great ally in deeper cleansing. 

Malachite is usually found in large masses as discussed above. Far more rare is the malachite that grows in crystalline form. These tiny crystals appear as small needles, some growing side by side, some in a circular array, and some in what seems to be total disorder like a pile of pick up sticks. This is the form that I love the most.  This form of Malachite is far more fragile than that found in large masses and must be handled with great care. As I examine my crystalline samples, a meditation takes place. I get lost in the maze of crystals and frequently find the image of the answer I am seeking. As I give my attention to the Malachite, creative ideas begin to form.  These ideas relate to the solution to questions that have been on my mind and in my heart. They are the seed for new thought concepts, the creative solutions to my questions.

Malachite is copper in an oxidized form. Like copper, it is a great conductor of energy. This conductive property allows malachite to absorb negative energy and pass it on to Mother Earth for processing. Malachite stones are used on each chakra and on any area of the body that is in distress. Here again, malachite is an amplifier. In this case it is amplifying positive healing energy from the universe. An elixir can be made with polished tumbled stones to rinse the gums and teeth, preventing or curing gum disorders. THIS ELIXIR IS NOT TO BE SWALLOWED. Malachite is copper which can act as a poison. You would want to place the malachite in a larger dish and set the container with water within the dish with malachite, keeping a layer of glass between the stones and the water. Gem elixirs contain the energetic frequency of the crystal, not particles from the actual crystals.

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