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Knowing the Mother Heart of God

We hear a lot about Deity, God, the Universe, Universal Energy, Love, Jehovah, Allah, and we tend to view this energy as more masculine in terms of gender. This is that one Divine energy that we know is responsible for all creation. The energy that is incomprehensible to the limited human mind. So, we as humans divided it up into smaller parts that we could understand and relate to. The mother, and the father.  

Personified in the Greek Pantheon in the forms of Zeus and Hera, they became Odin and Freya in the Norse. Orthodox Christianity gave us Jesus and Sofia, wisdom personified. Catholicism morphed them into Jesus and his mother, Mary. In many Christian sects she has been replaced entirely by the gender-neutral Holy Spirit. Together they perform vastly different, but complementary roles. From the masculine side we get the driving force behind creation, we see will, thought, ideas.  

The feminine side, however? This is form, the gentle, loving hand that shapes creation, that holds us close and keeps us safe. What we often term guardian angels, or spirit guides is the mother heart of Deity gently ushering us back to safety. When we reach within to comfort and heal our inner child, we are allowing that same mother hand to scoop us up and soothe our own deep-seated wounds. When we parent our inner child with words of love and affirmations of strength and success, we are standing in for the Mother Goddess and allowing her to write those self-same words on our souls.  

The Mother heart of God is the unconditional love that always, always accepts us and holds no ill will towards us, no matter what we may have done. When we step into her arms, we find only loving acceptance and healing, not blame, not finger pointing, or guilt apportioned. simple complete love and acceptance, and should we want it, guidance to help us not repeat the same mistake again. 

The Mother heart of God is the simple, all pervading, all prevailing unconditional compassionate love that empowers us to accept ourselves exactly as we are. And to admit to ourselves the simple truth, we are the Divine made manifest, we are each one of us, a physical representation of Deity here on earth to learn and grow and become more. More what? simply more. 

Where do we find her? How do we connect with this facet of the Deity? Simply reach within. When you pause to take that deep breath when you are stressed, when you are sitting quietly meditating. Focus within, on your heart center. As you breathe slowly, deliberately, sink into that space. At its core you will find a place of incorruptible stillness, untouched by anything that is happening around you. This is the Mother heart of God and it exists at the center of all of us. It is our very real connection to deity, to the universe, to each other, and it is always there. When we need it, we just need to reach within and allow it to expand and infuse our entire being with the compassion and strength that we need in each moment. 

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