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Hunter's Moon, October 24th, 2018

The full moon in October falls in the sign of Taurus. This means that unlike some other full moons, the energy that governs it will be very practical and down to earth. Taurus is the most earthy, some would say stubborn, of the signs, and it is this energy that will be amplified over the next few days. Taurean energy is also very protective of family and tribe, and very generous in giving of time and resources to those close to it.

Taurus teaches patience and moving towards goals, no matter how small the steps we take are. Taurus is always in it for the long haul! The down to earth taurean energy is all about being there for friends, being their voice of reason, and taking care of yourself and those you care for.

During this moon is the perfect time to look inwards and do some self nurturing.

What can I nurture during this cycle? - What should I dedicate myself to growing?
The Crone
The Crone is all about personal power and authenticity, she is also wisdom gained through living. It is time to embrace your personal power and be fierce and stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. Wisdom is gained through living life. Cherish your wisdom and always seek to add to it with every day you live.
Be aware of your choices and the impact that they will have not only on you, but on the world around you. Know that every action you take will have a ripple effect that can touch every living thing on the planet.

How can I nurture it? - What is the best way I can support it? Where can my talents be best put to use?
One of Water
Stop fighting your feelings and ignoring your intuition from fear of being laughed at. Instead, listen to them, follow their urging. They know where you are meant to be heading and the steps along your path.
Now is also a perfect time to embrace new people that cross your path. Open your heart to new friends and your life to new and potentially exciting experiences. By opening your life to new people you become open to new opportunities to help and exercise your many talents.

What will help me stay the course? - How can I make sure to keep at my task at a steady pace?
King of Earth
Life is meant to be enjoyed, now is not the time for laziness but instead it is a time to set small goals and dedicate yourself to reaching them in the time frame you set. Taking even one small step or making one small choice towards your goal every day.
Take pride in what you have accomplished, it is not as small and insignificant as you think it is.

How will my dedication pay off? - What will be the overall outcome?
Seven of Earth
The Seven of Earth is about the mind, body, spirit connection. It is about finding healing on all levels of your existence and finding your true inner peace.
A new stillness of mind and soul. A new peace of heart as you work and play with equal devotion bringing your life into balance so that stress is effortlessly minimized.

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