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How to use Magical Oils

How to use Magical Oils

Scent has the power to change the world. Well, in a way it does. When you smell something, the scent bypasses the conscious mind and drifts effortlessly into your subconscious mind. Because of this, scent can have remarkable power in your magic spells.

Scented oil can assist you in focusing your mind on your spell. It can even bring up the specific emotions you are looking for in order to be successful with your spell, whether that is the feeling of joy and elation of financial freedom for a money spell, feelings of warmth and tenderness for a love or friendship spell or the sense of stability and security for a protection spell. Scent allows us to invoke these emotions, making our magic more powerful and real.

Essential oils are the living essence that contains the energetic qualities of a plant. And since the act of magic boils down to the art and science of manipulating energies to obtain a desired effect, you can utilize the energetic qualities in the oils to assist you in your magical work. Essential oils are your friend and ally for any spell or ritual.

There are many ways in which people have used scented oils in magic. Below is a list of more common methods:

Anoint an unscented candle before lighting it
Anoint various points on the body such as the forehead, chest, or even the different chakra points
Sprinkle a couple drops into a mojo bag
Rub a little on your altar tools, including crystals
Heat some in an oil burner to fill your sacred space with the aroma
Put some on your doorframes as part of a protection spell

Go with your instincts on how best to use the oils. Once your smell it, let your imagination take over and tell you how to make use of its best qualities. You may want to pick up a book on candle magic because many spells that use candles also suggest oils.

At Zinzeudo, we manufacture oil blends out of all natural products. The potent energetic qualities of the oil are properly maintained for maximum benefit to you. We are here to help you along the way, so feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about our oils.

Happy spell crafting!

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