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Full Moon Tarot Spread - March 2020

This full moon is all about helping us uncover new truths, which is always a double edged sword. pay careful attention to the direction you are being guided in. Make sure to address anything that is nagging at you, or repeating itself over and over. These are reoccuring because they are things that we need to deal with as this karmic cycle begins drawing to a close.

While the moon is going to illuminate things for us, we also need to be careful we are getting the right message from our intuition. Be careful not to make assumptions about any situation. It's ok to sit back and take a moment to be sure before you leap into action. Our emotions are really good at coloring situations and prentending to be intuition. Before you allow them to color the truth of any situation, take a good long look at it, and maybe check your feelings with someone you trust if you have any doubts.

The good news? Mercury goes direct again after the full moon. This will allow us to take everything we have learned from our inner worlds leading up to the full moon and begin to actually put it into action!

1. What area of my life do i need to address?
2. What do i need to see there?
3-5. What further insight on this do i need?
6. What specifically should i enact in my life first?

Did you try out this spread? Leave a comment here on the blog, or join us in the Zinzeudo Tribe Group on Facebook to talk about it!

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