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Full Moon Tarot Spread: July 2020

The full Moon on Sunday, July 5, 2020, at 12:44AM ET, is the Full Buck Moon and its a Lunar eclipse, closing off what has become known as the 'eclipse tunnel' that opened with the solar eclipse we saw at the new moon this month. It is also known as the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, or the Wort Moon.

In a reversal of all the energy we have been dealing with from various retrogrades and eclipses, the main influence this full moon will be from stars that deal with good luck and happiness. Something I think we are all ready for about now! This full moon is also sitting happily in between Mercury and Uranus. This will bring new friends, exciting news, and lots of good conversations. And lastly, but certainly not least, the asteroid Vesta is popping into the mix with her theme of happy home life.

After all the upheavals we have been given and the shadows we have been dealing with lately, we are all more than ready for the lighter energies that this full moon  brings in. Because it is an eclipse this means the energies involved with it will be even brighter. Bringing home, family and close friendships into sharper focus. Things that are off balance in your life will show up even clearer right now. A small warning to right your boat before it capsizes perhaps?

At the lunar eclipse intuition and emotions are honed to a fine point. If we are wise we will use this to examine the relationships in our lives. a lunar eclipse is also a great time for a reset of emotional baggage, and a time to cast off stuff we may have accumulated over the last six months.

Try out this tarot spread and see what advice the cards are offering you this full moon season.

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