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Full Moon Tarot Spread - February 2019

Full Snow Moon
February 19th, 2019
Super Moon

by Lisa Wallace

The Full Moon this month lands right at zero degrees Virgo and is also the largest Super moon of 2019. this means that on February 19th, the moon will be the closest to the Earth that it will be all year making its energies felt more than usual for many of us.

Zero is the number of limitless potential and opportunity, the mold-able clay of creation. meaning that the energy of this moon is offering you unlimited potential if you are open to making it what you want it to be.

Because the creative energy is so strong with this moon we are able to use it to help us realize our own potential. We can also use it to help us open up, to broaden our horizons and to encourage ourselves to open our hearts and minds to new ideas and beliefs.

January shook things up for many of us, changing life paths, or offering us new viewpoints and beliefs to take in. This full moon however is going to be shining its bright light on those areas that maybe we need to open up a little more. This will be cathartic for us on some levels, but, it could smart a little too.

Mentally the spotlight will be shining on things that we need to release. If you have been feeling the urge to declutter and clean up around your house, thank the full moon. It's the releasing energies already touching you and stroking you into action. Much of this full moon energy is going to be encouraging us to let go of old mind sets, worries and fears about our future.

To help with this releasing process you could spend time just becoming aware of what it is that you fear. Sit with them for a short while. Stare them dead in the eye and call them by name. This will help to loosen their grip on your life. Sometimes, simply knowing they are there is enough to push them out the door.

Releasing these fears will open you up to receiving all the things that you have wished for so often. Don't ignore your fears any longer. Stand up to them, challenge them and use the power of the moon to over rule them.

Our health is also a focus and the de-cluttering energy of the Full Moon may have us looking at our diet and our self care practices. Are we taking proper care of ourselves? Are we getting enough rest and wholesome tasty fresh foods? Are we loving and accepting ourselves?

Your body is not an after thought, it is what enables you to live the life you are living. It deserves you taking the time to accept it and nourish it with love and rest. honor your body and know that your flaws make you all the more perfect.

1. Releasing: Things you should be letting go of in your life
3. The Youth
Let go of your need to feel safe and secure all the time. The Universe will never place you in actual danger, but wanting everything to feel safe means that you limit the ways that you can branch our, explore and let yourself grow. Exploring means that sometimes you will feel unsure, sometimes you will feel like danger is right around the corner. That's ok! Follow the map that your higher Self is holding and you will find that those seemingly dangerous new lands are actually exciting vistas alive with beauty.

2. Retaining: Things you should be holding close to you
8 of Fire
While this moon is definitely a time of change and transformation, hold close to your sense of self. Let the changes you make to your life, your self or your environment strip away the layers of correctness and reveal you. Your authentic, unapologetic self. That identity is something that we need to hold close to us. It is ours, truly ours.

3. Receiving: Things that are coming into your life.
3 of Air
New knowledge is coming our way with this Full Moon, in any area in which we are seeking it. New knowledge about ourselves, our lives, our hurts that need healing. All of this is available to us if we are willing to take the time to reflect and look inwards.
Yes, looking inwards can smart a bit, but if you take the time to love yourself through it you are able to heal those scars and move onward into a new adventure.

4. Surroundings: How the world around you is affecting you
13. Queen of Earth
You are surrounded by nurturing love at this time. All the energy that you need to grow in the directions that you want to grow is yours. All you have to do is ask for it. Gaia is here to embrace us with her perfect, loving energy of growth and healing.

5. Giving: What you should be giving to others.
11 of Air
While our opinions are just that, opinions, not facts. We can give each other the love, support and input that they are asking for. Our role is to help those around us, and be open to them helping us. We each have different skills and abilities for just that reason. Together we are stronger than alone. Offer your support, company and compassion and let them do the same for you.

6. Beginning: Something new that will begin soon.
12 Love
While the world may seem more fractured than every, those that are sensitive to energy have felt the slow rising tide of love that is working its way through our souls at this time. It is starting, as everything does, with us. A new focus on loving and caring for ourselves is beginning to wash through the world. We are seeing the importance of caring for and loving ourselves. And we are seeing that love manifest in the deepening of our relationships with those around us and our Higher Selves and the Divine.
Let love sweep through you.

7. Your Lesson: What you should be learning at this point
9 of Fire
The nine of Fire is all about things attained through knowledge and hard work. When you focus on loving and perfecting yourself, your own confidence in yourself can not help but grow. Learn to see your strengths and weaknesses honestly. False modesty simply ignores those hard worn skills that you have. Be proud of what you have earned!

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