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Full moon, June 28th 2018

Moon in Capricorn

Look back over the first half of this year. You'll be amazed at how much you have grown and changed. This last six months has been a time of great change for many of us, energetically, physically and spiritually. Things that you felt were blocking you the last six months are starting to shift with this full moon cycle.

Capricorn embodies hard work and stability which is exactly what is needed right now. The goat has the ability to climb over rocky terrain and keep as stable footing. This is because it is focused on its goal and refuses to be swayed away from it. Personal integrity and being true to yourself is what is in focus right now. Being able to stay grounded and stable will help you reach your own goals while remaining true to yourself.

This full moon is all about doing and being exactly whatever it is we want to do and be. It's about trusting yourself and your ability to succeed. Solutions are out there waiting for us, we just have to keep moving forward and we will find them.

1 - What limitations have you been facing?
Five of Air
the inner demons and voices that say you can't do something or that you are \simply not worth the effort is your biggest obstacle right now. You are placing your own limits on you and what you think you can do.

2 - Where do you need to think bigger?
18 Thought
Thought creates reality. Accept the power that your thoughts have to shape your reality and use that power to your advantage. If you can think it, you can be it! Dream big! Dream Bold!

3 - Where is your strength?
17 Journey
Our journeys are made up of all the experiences we have had, the choices we have made and the moments we have lived in our lives so far. Our greatest strength is in being able to take from those things only what makes us stronger and to leave behind that which would drag us down and weaken us. Your strength is in knowing that and making that choice consciously.

4 - What chains need breaking at this time?
21 Perception
Our perception colors everything we know and do. The more we know, the broader that perception is likely to be. But the tighter we cling to what we perceive, the less we are open to learning and growing. When we cling to our perceptions and refuse to listen to any differing viewpoints we end up chained in a narrow corner and run the risk of missing out on experiences that life has for us.
Be open to new knowledge and different view points. Listen to criticism and use it to help you grow in areas you want to improve in.

5 - What foundation do you need to lay to succeed right now?
4 The Mother
Take the time to let your ideas germinate and take root. Cultivate your ideas and inspirations, let them excite you and energize your life. Love those ideas, and love yourself enough to follow them to whatever results they bring. When you live within that nurturing loving energy and let go of expectations there are only opportunities to learn and improve. Nothing is ever a failure.

6 - Where should your focus be right now?
7 of Fire
Your intuition is your greatest guide right now. Trust that small voice within you, it knows where you are meant to be going and how you are meant to get there. Don't be afriad to seek guidance from others that you respect, but only you truly know your answers. Trust in the knowledge that is stored in your subconscious, the more you listen to it, the more accurate it will be.

7 - What long term plans are calling you?
23 Integrity
Honor your personal truths and always stand in direct opposition to hypocrisy, cruelty, dishonesty and injustice. When you do everything with integrity and honesty you can not help but live your truest sand most authentic life. That is what calls right now, to be truly and unashamedly you.

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