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Full Moon - January 1st 2018

Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, so not surprisingly this month is all about things being swept away and washed clean. Being the Crab it’s also about things that are hidden and things we are trying to hold on to. Water is the great leveler and the great healer. While this month is very much about change it is also about bringing in the new things that are going to set the foundation for an exciting year!

Full Moon Spread, Jan 1st 2018

1: The main theme of the new year – III The Youth

This year is all about new energies. The old is being swept out the door and coming in with a rush behind it is new horizons! This year will be marked by a throwing off of tradition and a willingness to explore new ways of being. A sense of adventure permeates the world, but at the same time there is an emphasis on loyalty and truth in all things. The youth is fearless and headstrong, but brave and loyal to his friends and family.

2: Departing energies from last year – Two of Earth

Leaving us is compromise. 2017 was all about balance and compromising so that there might be peace. 2018 will be uncompromising in its search for personal truths. 2017 was about balancing life, work, play, love. 2018 is about the search for self and integration of life's lessons into your world.

3: Hidden talents to explore this year – IV The Mother

What has been calling you to bring it to life? The mother is all about bringing things to fruition in your life. She calls you to give birth to that hidden talent you have been so unsure about. To nurture it and to know that it will be a guide and a light to so many more than you could ever hope to meet in person.

Yes, there is some pain and mess with any birthing process, but the bravery and strength of the Youth is your support here. Know that it does not matter how many things you might see that are similar to your call. You are the only one that can provide your view.

4: Future opportunities – Six of Water

The Six of Water is all about love, peace, empathy and giving. But, she is also the balance that life needs. If you give to others freely, do you also keep enough for yourself? When you reach out with love, do you also take time to love yourself?

The Six of Water reminds us that while the Youth says to rush headlong into everything, there is always a need for balance and to make sure that when you reach out to help those you can help you always keep enough to help yourself.


5: Potential obstacles - Nine of Earth

This lady is all about altruism and giving. When she appears she is offering you the gentle reminder that life is not about 'stuff' and 'things'. Life is about love and giving and helping others up when they need it.

Look within your closest community. Look at your home and your things and freely give of what you no longer have need of. Give not because you should, or because you expect a reward. Give just because you can.

She is also a gentle reminder that while you are sorting your physical cupboards this year is the perfect time to take a peek in your spiritual and emotional closets and evict some skeletons.

6: A word of advice – XI Healing

To heal you must take control of your life, physical, mental and emotional. You know where you need healing, even if you don't want to admit it. This year is your time to embrace that need and put the cure in place. Maybe you start to journal to work through past hurts. Maybe you start to clean up your way of eating to improve your physical health. You already know where the change needs to be made, the Healing card is your wake up call to put the change in place.

7: Bringing your dreams to life. - X Wisdom

Wisdom is what happens when we truly internalize our life's experiences and learn from them. Wisdom is knowing that we already have all the answers we need within ourselves, we just have to listen to what our intuition says.

You have all the tools you need to make this year your best year ever. All you have to do is trust in your life's experience and know that you already have the answers. You are your own guru all anyone else can do is shine the light on what you already know.

Prepared using the Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck.

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