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Full Moon in Libra - April 2019

Full Pink Moon
Moon in Libra
April 2019

While the first Libra Full Moon was about finding balance within, this second Libra Full Moon is about finding balance with others and with our relationships. But before we can address our relationships with others, we need to take a close look at our relationship with ourselves.

We need to recognize that we are worthy of all the things that we want. We absolutely deserve, and are worth being loved, respected, heard, and having our emotions recognized as valid. This recognition begins with loving and valuing ourselves. The higher value that we place on ourselves, the less room we tend to give to relationships that do not build us up. As we begin the long process of self love, every other relationship that we have will begin to change.

This full moon the energy is perfect for asking where we can love ourselves more and what relationships need to be bought into line with that self love. This is not just about human relationships. It's about all our relationships, including money, objects, work/life balance, our beliefs and values.

The Universe is shifting and providing us with energy that helps us to clear and grow. The first part of moving with that energy is letting go of what no longer serves us and fails to build us up. This naturally leads on to teaching us how to stand in our truth and speak it out loud. Those conversations can sometimes be difficult which is why the Universe wants us to be firmly grounded in relationships that are a source of strength, love and hope.

This second Libra moon can help shed light on what needs to be repaired and it can offer you the strength and tools to make those repairs.

1. Where can I love and nurture myself more?
Three of Cups
Who do you celebrate with in your life when good things happen? Who is there for you to support you and in turn be supported by you when life fires a curve ball your way? Nurture yourself by nurturing and paying attention to those friendships that mean the most to you.
Reach out to your close friends, your tribe and soul-kin. Let them feel the love you have for them and make time to get together to celebrate something, anything, heck, celebrate getting together!

2. Where do i need to bring balance to my life?
21 The World
There is so much going on around us that is stressful and worrying. We are bombarded with messages every day about Global warming, pollution, destruction, it takes a toll on the heart and soul.
The balance we need is knowing that no matter what is happening around us, life is always worth celebrating. You got that new job? Celebrate your achievement! You didn't get the job you wanted? Celebrate that something even better is right around the corner! It's Monday? Celebrate each dawn and dusk for the magical times they are.
The more we can balance the bad news with excuses to raise a glass and celebrate, the more we will help change the energy of the world around us from doom and gloom to hope and love.

3. What is ready to be released from my life?
Ace of Wands
Limitations be gone! The Ace of Wands is always an indicator of waves of inspiration and creativity that are just waiting to slide into your life. Waves that empower you and light up your life with new things to explore and new victories just waiting to be achieved.
Release those limits you have placed on yourself and know that anything at all is possible and achievable by you!

4. What is getting ready to emerge in my life?
Eight of Swords
No matter how bound up in circumstances and situations you think you are, look closer. The only thing that is binding you in place is you. You have at your disposal all the answers and tools that you need to get out of your present situation.
Don't worry, clarity is emerging in your life. You will soon see the exact path you need to take to change what it is that you need to change. I can't promise it will be easy or painless, but it will be achievable.

5. Message from the Moon
10 Wheel of Fortune
So many choices and opportunities are opening up for you right now. You can have your pick of which way to go and what to do. Fortune favors the bold! And right now the only wrong choice is not making a choice. Trust your gut, your intuition is telling you what the right move to make is.

This is a very general reading, for more personal guidance I am in store at Zinzeudo every Saturday afternoon offering personal and confidential readings and guidance.


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