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Full Moon in Leo

February 5th this year the moon is full in the sign of Leo. This full moon carries a very heart centered energy that can help inspire confidence in us and enable us to push forward and through any blockages we may have been experiencing.  

Leo is often associated with the ego, royalty, glamor and being the center of attention. It’s a proud energy that encourages us to embrace our lives and step out boldly with confidence and feline grace. Yes, there is a much deeper side to that Leo energy. Under all the sparkle and the outward confidence there is a deeper note, reminding us that it is the simple things that truly matter. That being connected with the heart and with what we love is more important than anything else.  

The last few months have been an intense time for many of us, the energetic emphasis has been on trauma healing. On working with those deeply hidden shadows to embrace them and integrate them into our lives. This change in the flow is now giving us permission to shake off that mantle of seriousness and simply embrace ourselves for a time. To do what we love, to do what makes us feel special and most importantly, to have fun with it! Leo Full Moon invites us to return to ourselves and to let that light shine for everyone to see.  

That awakening and changing energy is still with us, Uranus is the active planet right now and it is the planet of awakening and change. It likes to shake us up a bit, to show us a higher truth, to reveal to us deeper wisdom. It also delights in shifting our perspective, allowing us to see more than one side. This may well spark us to want to change things, to adjust our approach to something we have been working on for a while now.  

It will also shine a light on what is no longer working in our lives. Inviting us to clear the decks, to allow this vibrant energy to remove blocks we may have been aware of but unable to shift.  

This is not a time to hold back, let's allow our inner Leo fire to ignite and inspire us to move forward with cherished plans. To make those small but significant changes that bring a new light and stability to our lives.   

Remember, these do not have to be big changes, sometimes the smallest change can produce the largest effect. At its core, Leo is about simplicity. Whatever comes to the surface this full moon, bring it back to simplicity. Simplify the situation, find the simplest answer to the question. Focusing on simplicity and working from the heart will allow that inner light to shine forth, illuminating our path and the paths of those around us. 

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